Welcome home wine bitches!

Let’s be honest, we like to drink wine. We are best friends who decided to drink our way through the state of Oregon. How do we do this without looking like alcoholics? (being alcoholics is a whole different question, don’t judge me) We make a blog about it! We don’t pretend to be Sommeliers (had to look that one up), we have no knowledge of wine, we just know we like to drink it. When looking into information on the local wineries, we couldn’t find anything that talked to us like the regular people, wine-os we are. We don’t give a shit about the undertones or the tannins. We want to know if it tastes good and if the tasting room is worth spending our day at.

We promise to be honest, sometimes to a fault, because this is our blog and we can say whatever the fuck we want. We will take pictures often, and good pictures when possible, but mostly we will be drinking so our pictures will probably be selfies. We are fitting this journey in between our normal lives and our jobs, but let’s not lie…we hope this will become our jobs. We are both paramedics, ambulance drivers, firefighter helpers. Whatever you want to call us, our job can be stressful and for some reason, when you become a paramedic you get a potty mouth and you get great at sarcasm. So beware, we will use inappropriate language, dark humor, and we will be sarcastic AF. That’s just who we are.

We hope you enjoy our blog and come back again. Even better, let us know when you tried a winery that we told you about and what you thought!

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